Energy governance and low-income housing in Metropolitan Lima

Liliana Miranda, Richard Valdivia and Marion Verdiere have published a book chapter titled ‘Energy governance and low-income housing in Metropolitan Lima’. Please find below the summary of the chapter and the link to the book. 

Summary: Energy – from its generation to its consumption – is fundamental for sustainable and resilient urban development, particularly to reduce the greenhouse gases that cause climate change. However, in Peru, these multifaceted relations are rarely acknowledged. In this paper, we present initial findings from the GEMDev Project, with an analysis of energy governance configuration and its linkages to low-income housing in Metropolitan Lima. Our research reveals a complex system of actor-network configurations that draw on different discourses. We find that dominant networks and their discourses rarely address energy and housing together, thus limiting the potential for these sectors to contribute to socio-environmental, urban, and climate justice in public policies.

Keywords: Discourses, Actors, Energy, Housing, Metropolitan Lima.

Citation: MIRANDA L., VALDIVIA R. Y VERDIERE M. (2022). Energy governance and low-income housing in Metropolitan Lima. In A. Castro y M. I. Merino-Gómez (Eds.) Challenges and perspectives of the environmental situation in Peru. Within the framework of the commemoration of the 200 years of republican life. Lima: INTE-PUCP, pp. 441-463