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Energy and Housing Trajectories in Lima
Check out a story map documenting the Energy and Housing Trajectories of the Lima participants of the GEMDev project. 

Energy governance and low-income housing in Metropolitan Lima
Liliana Miranda, Richard Valdivia and Marion Verdiere have published a book chapter titled ‘Energy governance and low-income housing in Metropolitan Lima’. Please find below the summary of the chapter and the link to the book.  Summary: Energy – from its generation to its consumption – is fundamental for sustainable and resilient urban development, particularly to…

Can all dimensions of energy use patterns be represented?
Energy use patterns in human settlements around the world are complex. Growing evidence on how people use and consume energy shows that energy use patterns cut across the public/private, work/home, past/future, needs/aspirational boundaries. In increasingly uncertain times, people’s energy use is contingent on social, political, technological, environmental and economic changes around them. Based on our…